Hybrid Conference

Colonia Nova - Hybrid Conference

Hybrid Conference

06 November 2020

The Story So Far ...

In the past few months, we have all become part of a great, global story. A story that made us leave the world as we knew it behind and set off on a journey into the unknown. For those responsible in companies, the question arises as to what role they assign to their brand in this story. Does it act as a sponsor or consolation, does it offer refuge and distraction, or does it strengthen cohesion and promote the community?

X marks ...

X... an innovative training and development format reaching beyond everything you have seen in online congresses and virtual workshops.

X... the unknown, the surprising and the inspiring that we encounter beyond the beaten paths of marketing.

X... an extraordinary experience we will be co-creating with you and the other participants.

IMMERSIVE X is a hybrid conference that invites decision makers in the areas of marketing, media, and communication on an interactive journey of discovery. This one-day event will make you realize how new digital technologies change the ancient cultural technique of storytelling and how you can further your brand with innovative ways of storytelling even in challenging times.

All information about the conference, programm and tickets here: https://immersive-x.de/